Community needs


October 5, 2021

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Students in school these days face a highly competitive environment sparked by stricter college admission processes. We see this competitive spirit magnified especially in schools in the Bay Area. It then becomes very difficult for students with limited access to resources to be able to increase their chance of success as students in these schools. This lack of resources may limit their ability to achieve impressive academic and extracurricular feats. Most other students are able to attend the increasingly expensive classes and programs outside their regular school to aid them in going a step beyond. To remedy this imbalance in resources, Sprouting Youth Foundation strives to provide high-quality education by offering classes, curriculums, and hands-on kits in both Public Speaking and STEM to students in marginalized communities or those who come from financially restrictive backgrounds for free or at discounted prices.

We recognize that our mission is to provide high-quality education for all students, hence we do not discriminate against anyone coming from financially privileged backgrounds. Members that do not qualify for discounts will have to pay the listed price for the programs offered. We aim to empower and educate all students regardless of their financial and personal background. We are also not limited to the Bay Area and accept students from all over the country to participate in our programs. We primarily reach out to students in the Bay Area, but due to the online nature of these programs, students from other areas are welcome. By offering classes for free or at discounted prices to students that qualify, we hope to spark an interest in all students and remove the financial barrier in education. The qualification process depends on financial background and is a very lenient process as we aim to be as inclusive as possible.