Bringing Attention To The Tragic Outbreak Of Uvalde


July 3, 2022

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A shooting occurred at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas in which a 17-year-old fired at 2 teachers and 19 children of the age of 10. The gunman was claimed to have entered the back door of the school building, worrying Texan families about the lack of security of the school district in Texas. 

This has led to a mission for the Texas legislators to resolve. Senator Roland Gutierzz states, “We are supposed to create things. We are supposed to create legislation to keep people safe. By God, to keep children safe.” 

During the years 2018 and 2019, there have been mass shootings that involved injuring 23 people in an art classroom at Santa Fe and at an El Paso Walmart. Greg Abbott, an inspiring leader and governor of Texas, called on lawmakers to consider a “red flag law”. This law allowed the state court to take any weapons away from someone who can cause danger. However, as more mass shootings occurred, the legislature passed on a bill that anyone could carry a gun without a permit. But, how will this prevent further gun violence at schools? 

Teachers can carry guns in an effort to protect students and themselves. By carrying guns, people can take action to defend themselves and take hold of the shooter. But if there is no background check or evidence that the person knows how to use a gun, this could be dangerous as there could be a loss of innocent lives. On the other hand, most schools in Texas do not have enough state money to have school employees bring guns or make any physical improvements. So “in January 2020, the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District received $69,000 from a one-time, $100 million state grant to enhance physical security in Texas public schools” (McCullough and Mcgee). The provided funds were an attempt to enhance physical security (McCullough and Mcgee). 

The downfall is that the increase in security from funds and policies would not help stop all the violence that has occurred. Khubchandani from the University of Toledo states it’s more of a combination of issues that sum up to a comprehensive approach to prevent gun violence. 

GOP lawmakers take a closer look at limiting access to schools. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick suggested having only one door for the entrance so it would take a longer time to find the door but enough time for police to catch the shooter. 

Additionally, state law states that it is best for the district to prepare for any threats or disasters beforehand by performing mandatory drills, communication plans, and training mechanisms (Mccullough and Kate Mcgee). The training mechanisms include an 80-hour training course as well as an exam to help train school staff on how to respond to a tragic situation. Mandatory drills can help guide students on what action to take to protect themselves from any further risks.

Texas has had eight mass shootings in thirteen years. There have been rumors that most of the shooters attended the same school and had been mentally unstable. They have suffered through their own family problems and have made bad habits throughout their life. Thus, it is essential that people bring awareness to mental health so not only society is brought to peace, but each individual’s life is saved. 

Through the eyes of a writer, the use of guns should not be the solution to everything. It is the police’s job to take advantage of stopping the assailant rather than taking their life. Despite the assailant causing harm to others, having the police shoot the assailant gives them a bad reputation as they took the life of a human being. Alternatively, the police could take the assailant to custody. If the police were to take the life of the assailant, people would continue to worsen society through gun violence from rumors of police being racist and discriminating. This reduces happiness and promotes negativity in society. The government should also ban violent weapons so people do not take advantage to kill another person, especially a child. Children are young individuals who are still learning the importance of life through expanding their knowledge. One of the key factors to educating the younger minds is attending school. But, how are children supposed to learn at school when their lives are being taken away by gun violence? School is meant to be a secure and safe environment for learning and not to spread violence. Therefore, it is best to take a step ahead and protect the younger generations by reducing firearms and improving security.