Our Story

Get to know the inspiration behind our journey

“Today’s lesson, the types of rocks in our ecosystem!” I could see the passion in the way she told us stories about the history of the rocks hidden within our Earth’s crust. However, there was a clear disconnect. One giddy teacher and thirty dull students. Eyes half open, waiting for my middle school science teacher to stop talking about sedimentary rocks. If only I could graze the rock with my fingers, feel its rough texture, and break down the components of one. The curriculum was ever so bland — it needed a touch of interaction. It was this idea that founded the Sprouting Youth foundation. Our first priority is to make sure we deliver high-quality courses and provide hands-on learning enrichment to elementary and middle school students. These courses allow students to develop a vision for STEM careers and gain confidence through our public speaking courses. Our reach has spread across 3000+ students globally.

What about those who can’t afford interactive enrichment for their avid learners? It’s our duty to enable these students by offering our programs at no cost. It is our mission to enable elementary and middle school students with limited access to these fundamental courses to increase their chance of success in high school. 

Additionally, we have used the funds generated from our programs to provide medical equipment for COVID relief and scholarships to students in the marginalized community. This foundation sprouted from one high school student’s passion to inspire the world to learn interactively, and now you can take that first step into an exciting journey of knowledge, by joining our initiative.