Newton's laws & Microbit w/Javascript


  • Newton’s laws of motion principles of motion and forces
  • Microbit w/Javascript – empowers the robotics & coding journey
  • Schedule:
    • 8 weekly online STEM sessions for the rising 6-8 graders
    • 06/12/2023 to 08/12/2023
    • Mondays 5pm-6:30pm PST (No class on July 3rd)
  • Participants will receive two STEM kits
  • This Class has reached its enrollment limit

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  • Newton’s Laws of Motion course:
    • Explore the three fundamental laws proposed by Sir Isaac Newton
    • Understand how these laws govern the motion of objects in the physical world
    • Dive into Newton’s First Law of Motion, also known as the law of inertia
    • Learn about the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration in Newton’s Second Law
    • Study Newton’s Third Law, which describes the principle of action and reaction
    • Apply these laws to real-life scenarios and practical examples
    • Engage in hands-on experiments and demonstrations to observe the laws in action
    • Develop a solid understanding of the principles underlying motion and forces
    • Enhance your problem-solving skills by solving motion-related problems and exercises
    • Gain a strong foundation in classical mechanics, setting the stage for further studies in physics and engineering.
  • Microbit with Javascript Coding course:
    • Introduction to the Microbit platform and its capabilities
    • Hands-on experience with coding using Javascript programming language
    • Exploration of various features and functionalities of the Microbit device
    • Creation of interactive projects and games using Javascript code
    • Understanding of event-driven programming and how it applies to the Microbit
    • Integration of sensors, buttons, and displays to build interactive Microbit projects
    • Implementation of algorithms and logic to control the behavior of the Microbit
    • Practical exercises and challenges to reinforce learning and problem-solving skills
    • Collaboration with peers to foster creativity and innovation in Microbit projects
    • Application of coding principles to real-world scenarios and practical applications
    • Development of computational thinking and programming skills
    • Empowerment to unleash creativity and explore the potential of the Microbit through Javascript coding.
  • Ignite students’ passion for STEM as they develop fundamental concepts and tackle diverse challenges, including building and coding robots, fostering their enthusiasm for hands-on learning and problem-solving.
  • Our program fosters hands-on learning and problem-solving skills, preparing students for the dynamic world of STEM.
  • Courses meticulously crafted, guided, and led by accomplished FTC & FRC team members and coaches.


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Newton’s laws & Microbit w/Javascript”

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