Sprouting Youth Leadership And Communication Club


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  • A transformative journey of personal growth and success!
  • Renowned & Refined Toastmasters Gavel Club format
  • Grades: 6-10
  • Location: ONLINE (Students can register irrespective of their region and we will group them based on the grade/location/school)

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Sprouting Youth Leadership & Communication Club (SYLCC) is an engaging platform designed for young adults in grades 6 to 10 to develop essential life skills and creatively express their ideas. Following the renowned and refined Toastmasters Gavel Club format, this program is designed to unlock your potential as an effective communicator and leader. Develop vital skills through prepared speeches, impromptu speaking, and constructive feedback. Embrace leadership roles, cultivate active listening skills, and foster a supportive environment. Throughout the program, participants will experience continuous personal growth and cultivate their leadership potential. Join us to build lasting connections, expand your horizons, and make a positive impact in our vibrant community of aspiring leaders and speakers.

Course Curriculum:

  • Learn and practice 10 different speech skills, to enhance their communication abilities.
  • Develop the ability to organize and present ideas logically and convincingly, both in prepared speeches and impromptu speeches.
  • Build and sharpen leadership skills through active participation, taking on leadership roles, and leading club activities.
  • Cultivate evaluation speech skills, providing constructive feedback to support and uplift fellow club members.
  • Cultivate impromptu speaking skills and the ability to think on their feet, responding confidently to spontaneous speech situations.
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem through engaging in public speaking challenges and showcasing their leadership abilities.
  • Enhance teamwork skills through collaborative activities and group projects, fostering effective communication and collaboration among participants.

Location and Registration:

  • Students from any region can register for the program
  • Grouping of students will be based on their grade, location and possibly by school

Join the Sprouting Youth Leadership & Communication Club to unlock your potential, discover your voice, and become a confident and effective communicator. Empower yourself with the skills that will benefit you in various aspects of life and connect with a diverse community of young leaders from around the world.

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  1. vijayavel (verified owner)

    My son 12 years old attended the YLCP summer camp and I see his public speaking skills improved a lot. It is like toastmaster club and very useful.

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