Programmatic intervention


October 5, 2021

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The Sprouting Youth Foundation’s first priority is to make sure we deliver high-quality courses and provide hands-on learning enrichment to elementary and middle school students. These courses allow students to develop a vision for STEM careers and gain confidence through our public speaking courses. Since the Sprouting Youth Foundation offers courses for free to underserved students, we can enable elementary and middle school students with limited access to these courses and resources to increase their chance of success in high school. By enabling the students in financially restrictive backgrounds, they can take advantage of these courses, which will remedy the imbalance in opportunities. Although we provide additional incentives for people coming from financially restricted backgrounds, we aim and empower all students. We believe every student has the right to access resources to improve their academic trajectory. By improving their academic trajectory, they aren’t involved in other activities like gang violence and drug abuse that might be prominent in their communities which may cause them to go in a downward spiral. Using academics as a key programmatic intervention, we can satisfy our vision of building a community of avid learners. Through our unique curriculum, another goal of the Sprouting Youth Foundation is to spark an interest in all students towards a positive learning experience. Even though our courses may be online, our engaging connection with the kits shipped to students helps them stay focused on the concept and learn it easier. In addition, every year we take into consideration the student’s feedback on our courses and continue to hone our curriculum and create new curriculums in the areas of STEM, public speaking, and new technologies. This allows different and improvised content every year, showing the care we portray to our students. Beyond this, we plan to expand our reach to students across the country. We hope to impact as many students as possible and provide resources to everyone who applies. Beyond providing classes for free we also strive to help our local communities in any way possible. During the initial COVID 19 waves we recognized that that was a bigger problem and donated to hospitals by providing oxygen cylinders and CPAP machines. Any additional proceeds from course revenue will always be deployed to other educational and humanitarian crises from time to time.