Our Team

Get to know the people behind our journey


Adarsh Murugesan

I’m a junior in American High School, Fremont, CA and I thrive to improve students’ knowledge in STEM and confidence in public speaking. I started as a tutor for a few elementary school kids, where I developed a passion for inspiring students to create an interest in learning — and now I have founded this initiative that has benefitted 900+ students globally. Through a unique and hands-on curriculum that I have developed, it’s my personal mission to empower all students regardless of their background.


Jeff Coda

Chief Educational Product Officer
at Elenco Electronics, Inc


Senior at UC Berkeley


Harshal Panda

STEM Programs

I am currently junior at American High. I loved presenting science fairs when I was younger and I always have had an interest in STEM subjects. Subsequently, I received third place at the Alameda County Science fair. I started my journey at SYF two years ago as a tutor, and through exemplary leadership skills and STEM knowledge I’m proud to be an integral part of this foundation — helping kids from all backgrounds succeed

Sanjana Sivaraj

YLCP Programs

I am currently a sophomore at American High School. I started my journey with public speaking when I was in 8th grade and ever since, I have developed a strong passion for speech and debate. I received 3rd place in the CHSSA Middle School State Championship and won first place at several tournaments such as the CSUF Invitational. I look forward to helping students to nurture their speaking skills and become truly amazing speakers

Elisa Varghese

YLCP Programs

I am currently a sophomore in high school. I enjoy public speaking and have been in Speech and Debate since 8th grade. In my first ever competition, I got first place, and ever since have gone to more competitions. I am looking forward to helping more kids learn about ways to become more confident and to enhance their speaking skills so that they can be the best version of themselves

Pranav Kocharlakota