Marketing experience


October 5, 2021

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As a teen, my summers usually tend to be filled with many unique experiences. Experiences of which I would like to share with you. Right out of summer, I was really excited to get started with spreading the word of the programs we offer, or in other words — marketing. Since finals had taken quite a bit of my time, I wasn’t able to do anything for the foundation’s summer classes during the school year. I was in a time crunch and had less time to gather students and tutors. These two weeks were probably the most stressful part of my summer. What if enough people didn’t show up, what if many people signed up but some couldn’t fulfill the time commitment at the end, or how am I going to make sure everyone pays so we receive enough funding? These were all questions I had, and were quickly answered as I progressed through the summer. The main influx of students was from an email I sent the district’s elementary school parents, and there were a large number of people who joined. Even though the programs were a huge success (70 students and 7 tutors), I had definitely learned not to repeat this sticky situation again. However, this was a learning curve, and I’m happy I experienced that curve early on. After the first classes began, it was smooth sailing from there. My experience with marketing had been rough, however I learned what methods will reach out to people best and how to improve the yield next time.