Goals and Objectives


May 13, 2022

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The Sprouting Youth Foundation’s first priority is to make sure we deliver high quality courses and provide hands-on learning enrichment to elementary and middle school students. This allows students to enjoy our courses so they can develop a vision for STEM careers; the public speaking courses we offer grow their confidence. However, most organizations do not offer their courses for free to students with a financially restrictive background. With this restriction these students are unable to learn more even though they are willing to. Our foundation addresses that fact through our classes, curriculums, and hands-on science kits to all students. We also offer these courses for free for all members of the underserved community. Our courses support elementary and middle school students with limited access to these courses and resources to increase their chance of success in high school. By enabling the students in financially restrictive backgrounds, we can satisfy our vision of building a community of avid learners. Through our unique curriculum, another goal of the Sprouting Youth Foundation is to spark an interest in all students towards a positive learning experience. Even though our course may be online, our engaging connection with the kits shipped to students helps them stay focused on the concept and learn it easier. To ensure an exceptional curriculum, we constantly hone it based on student feedback. This allows an improvised content every year, showing the care we portray to our students. Another goal of ours is to expand our reach to students across the country. This entails that we expand our reach to all states in America. Currently, our reach is focused mainly in the bay area with a few students coming from other states. This expansion will benefit people in all areas, so they too have access to higher quality education and the skills needed to carry out a successful high-school and college life. A benefit of our courses would be that it aids students to focus on their education. Students are often subject to peer pressure at this time of life. With a focus on education, these students can properly thrive in high school without being distracted by the things around them.